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At National Christian Foundation Houston, our mission is to enable followers of Christ to give wisely to advance His kingdom.  We have great partnerships with financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, and other professional advisors as they encourage and counsel their clients in generosity.  Many advisors have found that helping families make wise, tax-efficient choices can enhance their service and deepen their relationships.  

National Christian Foundation Houston has developed great tools to help advisors in various facets of charitable giving.  This page will provide a quick reference guide for you to access various sections of our website.

About National Christian Foundation
Booklet – Simplify Your Giving, Multiply Your Impact

Ministry Reports
2015 - The Untold Story
2016 - One

Giving Fund our name for a Donor-advised Fund
Videos are less than 3 minutes
Concept Sheets (Click on links below to view.  To print in color on white paper as double-sided single sheets.)

Open a Giving Fund
Paper Application 
Video - What is an NCF Giving Fund?
Concept Sheets and Forms

Established Giving Fund Tools

Asset-Based Giving
Concept Sheet 

Stock and Mutual Funds
Concept Sheets and Forms 
Give Stock, Save Taxes, Give More
Giving Publicly Traded Stock Options
Stock and Mutual Fund Transfers
Stock Certificate(s) and Transfer Agent Stock Assignment 
Wire Transfer
Loan Notes
Concept Sheet - How to Give Loan Notes Through NCF 

Private Foundations
Concept Sheets - Foundations Under Fire
 A Giving Fund And Your Private Foundation 
Considering A Private Foundation 
Popular Giving Vehicles

The Supporting Organization
Concept Sheet - The Supporting Organization 

Generous Business
Video - God Owns My Business
Concept Sheet - Generous Business Check-up 
Booklet –The Generous Business

Generous Family
Concept Sheet - Family Stewardship Philosophy 
Booklet – The Generous Family

Leaving a Legacy
Concept Sheets - Testamentary Giving
The Legacy Fund
 15 Questions to Consider Before Preparing Your Will
Your Taxable Estate and Eternal Investments
Multiply your impact
Often using what's in your hand instead of what's in your wallet can make a huge difference when it comes to giving. Learn how one family was able to give almost a half a million more to charity by gifting land instead of ... read more
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